The twelfth China Ji'nan Building Decoration Fair

Yanoda rainforest scene is located in Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Province. Three Town, sea Yuzhong line to Sanya Baoting direction 18 kilometers, only 35 kilometers away from Sanya City, 52 kilometers from the Phoenix Airport is worthy of the name of Sanya, the garden. Scenic North and Wuzhishan, Qixianling par is connected; East gaze afar South China Sea million dump waves, beautiful Haitang Bay near at hand; and South China in the first hot springs Nantian hot springs separated only by a strip of water. In the latest revision of Sanya City tourism planning, the scenic spot is located in Sanya tourism planning of ecological landscape axis, "Sanya Tourism Circle" of the "Golden Triangle" area.